Monday, September 17, 2018

How to pay Standard Chartered Credit Card bill using Net Banking

Welcome to another post on Tech Rajput and today I am going to share with you another quite useful method using which you can pay your credit card bill using Net Banking.

I am sure you must be thinking that what is so special about it? If you know some payment process and use it frequently but in the case of Standard Chartered Credit card this process is bit different.

so without further ado let's dive into it.

In previous post I have already shared the way using which you can know the process of paying your HDFC Credit card bill through NetBanking if you know this process then you can continue with this post if not please check that post from below shown link:-

Now after reading the above post you should be clear about how to add your credit card as payee on the Net Banking interface and you must be tempted to apply the same process for Standard Chartered credit card but wait here there is a catch and I am going to share the same with you.

First thing in normal case you would be adding your card by selecting Account Type as Credit Card as shown in the below shown screen shot but be cautious here as in this case you have to select the Account Type as Cash Credit

As shown in the below screenshot:-

How to Add Standard chartered credit card as beneficiary in net banking

Now rest of the process is similar as HDFC or normal Add Payee option i.e. you have to enter your credit card no. as Account Number her and in the Name of Beneficiary payee you have to enter the name printed on your SC credit card.

And the IFSC for the Standard Chartered Credit Card that is SCBL0036001

Now once you successfully added your Credit card as payee to your net banking wait for some time as described by your bank as in the case of IOB it is four hour after that you can pay your bill of standard chartered credit card.

Now for paying the bill go to the NEFT option as shown in the below pic:-

IOB Net Banking NEFT Option

Clicking on the above shown link will show you guidelines of NEFT payment as shown in the below screenshot:-

Please read it carefully

IOB NetBanking NEFT Guidelines

Now after that everything is self explanatory you just have to select the account from which you are going to transfer the money to the SC credit card account and it will be submitted as per the above guidelines and schedule.

Now you can check the credited balance in your credit card portal as shown in the below screenshot. I have provided a demo just to give you an idea.

Standard Chartered Credit Card Interface

Hope you have understand the process. For any query you can comment below I will try to reply you ASAP.

Happy reading!!

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