Saturday, September 15, 2018

How to see saved password in Chrome

Welcome to another post on Tech Rajput in this post I will be explaining the three ways using which you can see your stored password for any website:-

But let's first understand, how Chrome saves our password:-

Chrome gives us offer to save password; you can enable it by going to three dots of your chrome browser that can be found on the extreme top right from there you have to click on the setting and then you will see the options as shown below:-

Click on the Manage Password and you will be navigated to below shown interface:-

Now here you will also see a feature named Auto Sign-In which mean; by enabling this you will be automatically signed in to the website for which you have saved the password else Chrome will ask for confirmation each time you visit the page.

Now let's suppose you have saved the password for dozens of the site but you do not remember them and you want it either for the case:-

1. You wanted to login to that site with some other device on which you have not logged in with your Gmail in that case you can't login to the site without using your password 

2. Another situation is when you want to share your password with someone else 

3. You are just feeling it to see your password then what you can do is:-

Method 1:-

Head to the Saved Password section as shown below and follow the screen shot:-

When clicked on the eye symbol you will be asked for Windows password as shown below:-

After validating your authenticity you are good to go and can see your password as shown below:-

The process is similar in case of Android mobile Chrome browser as well. You can look for your own and if problem persist you can comment below. I will be happy to help you out.

Now suppose the condition you do not have access to your laptop as well as your phone then what can you do?

Method 2:-

You can head to below shown link and after entering your Gmail password you can see the list of all your saved password as shown below:-

You will see a interface as shown below:-

Knowing this you must have realised the importance of your Gmail account and it's password.
and some of you might have thought to not to save the password anymore.

It's really up to you as per my suggestion I consider saving my password for account that I use on regular basis like Facebook and all but instruct my browser to not to save my password if these are banking or transaction related site.

4. Now when
You can do this by clicking on never save password button once offered to save password by chrome and you can see the list of never saved password website as shown below:-

Now for just fun and a developer perspective I am going to tell you this method that I really use as this is lot faster than any of the above and do not require any kind of authentication like windows password or Gmail password.

Method 3:-

You must be logged in to the website for this trick to work and then you have to logged out of that site then you will get an interface as shown below:-

Just follow the above highlighted steps and you will be looking at your password.

Time to time you should change your password in that case you can update it to your saved password also as shown below whenever you will change a saved password you will be given a pop-up by Chrome.

You just have to click on the Update password button and it's done.

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