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How to pay the HDFC credit card bill so that it can can get updated instantly.

How to pay HDFC credit card payment using Non-HDFC account net banking for the customer that do not have HDFC saving account :-

If you are a credit card holder specifically HDFC then you must be knowing that you can pay the HDFC credit card outstanding balance by logging into the net banking provided for the credit card.

By going to:-

4. Now when
HDFC Net banking Interface - Techrajput

After that the process is pretty simply clicking on this menu will redirect you to the billdesk site shown below:-

HDFC payment portal by billdesk - Techrajput
By just inserting the credit card number and few details shown above you will able to pay your credit card bill but this way of doing payment is pretty slow and it will only get reflected in your account after few days.

But the question is nobody wants to wait in this technology era and the solution is provided below just follow the steps and you can make the payment instantly:

Now I am going to share with you a method of payment using which you can pay your credit card and it will get reflected in your credit card instantly and for this you don't even have to a HDFC saving account holder as in this case it is pretty easy to pay the credit card bills.

I am going to explain the whole process in this blog but if you want to see it in HIndi below is the video for the same created by me.

Starting the way you need to have a net banking for any account other than HDFC now first login to your net banking and add your credit card as a IMPS beneficiary as shown below:-

Here I am taking the example of IOB net banking but the process is pretty similar for all the cases.
After login goto Remittances and add your HDFC credit card as payee or follow the below screen shot:-

IOB netbanking Interface shown by Techrajput

You will get the interface as below and select credit card in the Beneficiary's AccountType column  this is the main process to add your credit card as IMPS beneficiary as shown below:-

IOB netbanking Interface

After that, steps are self explanatory put the name as per your card number and in the AccountNumber section put your credit card number and then for IFSC you can contact your Credit card company or you can find it in the monthly statement of credit card.

For HDFC it is:-

You are done with the steps now; bank usually take 2-4 hours for your initial payment for every newly added payee but after that you can pay your credit card bill and it will get updated instantly on your credit card.

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