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How to select preferred date for attending SSB interview

How to select preferred date for attending SSB interview for Indian Army:-

You got a mail saying:-

1. You have been shortlisted to attend SSB interview at XYZ location for SSC(Tech)-52

2. Please login to your profile on using your registered email ID and password to select your preferred date within seven days failing which you will be allotted dates by the system automatically.

Now you must be in hurry of selecting the date for your SSB, yeah why not, and I will make this process even easier for you because now I am going to share with you the entire process step by step from here.

Step 1- Go to the Indian Army site as stated above and login through your username and password and look for the below shown tab on the left:-

Joinindianarmy interface

Yeah this is me in the pic if you are curious :-)

Now if you have never attended a SSB before then you will get a message saying please fill the Account and Aadhar verification detail first before selecting the date, and for that please go first with the Bank account submission as shown below:-

Bank Information tab from Joinindianarmy interface

Here as shown above you have to fill the simple credentials like Account holder name and Account number these all detail you can find on the Bank passbook if you are not familiar with them and in the Beneficiary name column write your Nominee details. Once you fill and save this detail make sure to verify your Aadhaar detail as well as shown below:-

Aadhar Information submission on Indian Army portal

Now once done successfully you will get an confirmation message as shown in the above screen shot.

Now finally you can select your preferred date from going to below shown tab:-

Preferred date selection on JoinindianArmy interface

4. Now when

Select the batch as you like according to your preferred timing as for demonstration I have selected the first one but you can go for any of the Batch.

Now once you select a batch you will get a confirmation screen as shown below with followed by an instantaneous mail from Indian Army that you will be contacted by the selection center shortly.

confirmation window of date selection on Indian Army interface

Hope I helped you some way.

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