Thursday, September 6, 2018

How to make money using G2 Crowd

Hello friends, I welcome you to my blog and in this post I am going to share with you yet another cool as well as beneficial procedure using which you can earn extra money for your day to day expense.

The website that we will work today named G2 crowd and if you have read my previous post then you must be knowing that I only invest my time on the site that are totally legitimate and worthy hence I give them my time they give me money and if everything works well then only I recommend those thing to you in my blog. You can imagine how much experiment it needs for me but for you it's as simple as following me on this blog or if you learn from visual than reading then please subscribe to my channel on YouTube the link is shown below:-

So without further ado let's dive to it:-

click on this link  it will take you to the website where you will be writing software reviews that you use day to day so you do not have to learn anything new and you can earn as well.

after that find the below shown button as shown in the below screenshot:-

G2 crowd interface

4. Now when After this you will get a page where you have to find a software that you use freqently or you have some knowledge about.

After selecting a software you will be asked to login through your linkedIn before you can write the review. below shown screen shot is showing the interface for the same.

Review on G2 crowd using LinkedIn

Now once you will login then you will get an interface similar to shown below. here I have selected a software named Julia-an as shown below:-

Review Grade provided by G2 crowd

Now everything is self explanatory but I would like to suggest one more thing to you is on the above shown screen shot you can see a section in the right that says "Your Current Review Grade" while you will submit your review it will keep incrementing and it should reach to grade A if not A++.

One more section is there as shown in the below shown screen shot of Additional Question:-

Review Grade provided by G2 crowd

You have to complete this as well now you have submitted the review, now what?

Go check your email you should have got an email saying that welcome to crowd from G2crowd.

Now you have to wait for 2-4 days till the time they evaluating your review and then you will be reached from their side saying that write a review and we will give you 10$ gift coupon in form of either or anything but you can send them a simple mail saying that you will be needing a visa virtual card with the similar amount as with the Amazon coupon you will have to pay a lot of delivery charges considering you are form india if not you are good to go without sending any mail.

Now you must be thinkin that will I only get 10$ then answer is no you can write max of five review amounting of 50$ but if you would want to earn more below shown is the link to my post where I have explained how to get at least 150$ and at most people have 400$.

Now for more detail you can visit to my YouTube channel from above link where I have shown my earning and how to redeem the virtual debit card send by them and where to use them.

You can follow me from below shown social media platform as well:-


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