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How to get a perfect CIBIL score of greater than 850?

How to get a perfect CIBIL score of greater than 850?

Hello friends and welcome to another post on and in today's post I will be showing you my secret of maintaining a good CIBIL score by providing you screen shot of my credit reports and I will analyze it with you here.

Disclaimer:- I am no expert in this and the thing I am going to explain below is based on my personal knowledge that I have gained in my two years of experience only and with that I am able to maintain a score of 855.

So first thing first What is CIBIL score?

I know most of you are familiar with this term but if you are new to this topic then understand that it is a three digit number that vary from 300 - 900 that tells the banks about your credit behaviour like how timely you pay any credit that you take but this is just an example and there is lot of parameter here that I am going to explain to you.

Below shown is the screen shot of my CIBIL score with this you will have more idea:-


Now before that you must be thinking which are the companies who provide CIBIL score?

There are four companies called credit bureaus that provide CIBIL score in India they are:-

2. Equifax
3. Experian
4. Highmarks

These above shown companies has license provided by RBI. My CIBIL score shown above is provided by Experian.

Now you can check your CIBIL score by going to their official website.

Now the most important question what are the factors on which CIBIL score depends?

1. Payment History
2. Credit Card Utilization.
3. Age of credit history
4. Total account.

There are much more parameter but I am just going to explain about these above point because I can demonstrate them using my personal  profile as shown below:-

Credit Factors

Now as you can see my payment history is showing 100% means I have never missed any payment and I always pay all of my bill before the due date. but we will cover each of the above shown parameter in detail as shown below:-

1. Payment History:-

As shown below by the provided formulae you can see you lies in which window as I am in 100% zone that is shown in green and very good for my CIBIL score.

Payment History:- Factor for Credit score

If you want more details then you can see below that I am using the card since 2016 and till this time no payment is ever late you can see this estimate by DPD i.e. day past due:-

2. Credit Card Utilization:-

It denotes the percentage of credit limit you have used generally using more than 30% of the credit limit is not advised and if you are not able to maintain this using one credit card then you should consider for one more or even two more credit card it will not have any disadvantage till the time you do not abuse them. below shown is the link of Quora where I have wrote about it:-

Credit card utilization:- Factor for Credit score

3. Age of Credit history:-
Age of credit history:- Factor for Credit score
 As shown above the more older you get using your credit card your score should get benefited with this parameter.

4. Total Accounts:-

In my case I have two credit card and one loan that is benefitting me in building my CIBIL score as CIBIL score is all about credit they want to see that you take credit and pay them back in time. the more mix type of credit the more you get benefitted.

as shown below:-

Total Account:- Factor for Credit score

The more account you have the more you get benefitted.

By the way if you are curious how you can see all the above shown parameter for your CIBIL then for this you will have to make a account that is free of cost on

you will have to fill some basic detail first as shown below:-

Get free CIBIL score
I hope you learn something new today. 

Happy Reading!!

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