Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Paisa On Demand Credit Line Card By RBL Complete Information.

What Is Paisa on Demand Credit Line Card And How It Is Different From Any Other Credit Card?

Paisa on Demand Credit Line Card is offered in collaboration  RBL and Paisabazaar. 
So what is the benefit of this collaboration for you?

The benefit is this card bring the features from RBL as well as Paisabazaar in one card:-
  • You get Paisa on Demand account that can be accessible from Paisa On Demand Account and using this one can instantly transfer money (the eligible card limit) to their bank account.

RBL bank Paisa On Demand
RBL bank Paisa On Demand
By seeing above now you see that normal credit card do not provide such benefits but credit line card has this advantage.

How you can apply for the it?

You can either visit to and click on the NEW USER as shown in the below screenshot:-

PaisaBazaar Paisa On Demand

OR you can visit to
and can apply online.

Once you get the card after applying you can access your card from three interfaces:-

1. RBL Online Banking for accessing this you have to first register yourself using your card details.
Once you register successfully which is not a hard work you will be give following online interface looks like below:-

RBL bank Card Online Interface

2. You can also login to your card using your phone by downloading RBL MyCard App
that looks like:-

MyCard App By RBL

3. You can also login to clicking on Return User for that also you have to register first and set the MPIN that you can do pretty easily:-


Now for accessing your rewards for this card you will again have to register yourself at and once registered successfully you can access the portal.

Below I am showing the worth value of RBL reward points by login in:-

Rewards by RBL card online Interface

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