Thursday, October 4, 2018

Windows 10 October 2018 Updates Latest Features Explained

Hello friends welcome again in this post on Tech Rajput In this post I am going to take you through the latest features that came in the October release of Windows 10.

You can find all the details about these features in the above video where I have explained in detail about it.
But here also I am going to mention some of the key features:-

1.  Windows Search Preview Update:-

Now Windows has better and enhanced Windows search box as shown below now for every software you can see it's preview that is a brief overview about the software as well as some recent files from here only as shown below:-

Windows Search Preview Box October Update 2018

2. A major tool - Snip and Sketch:-

Earlier the sniping tool of Windows has not more features you were able to snip thing and save or some basic work but as introduced in the new features you can do lot more work now.

Snip and Sketch October 2018 Update Widows 10

3. Your Phone App :-

Now you can see all of your photos and messages in the WIndows through Your Phone app as described below for this you first have to install Your Phone app in the WIndows from WIndows store and then you have to link your Android phone by installing Your Phone Companion app from Google Play store to your phone and then you can successfully see your photos and text message right from your WIndows as shown below:-

Your Phone App Latest Update Windows 10

4. Introduced Clipboard :-

Now earlier there was problem that you can only paste the thing you have just copy lately and before that everything was flushed out but no more trouble as introduction of Clipboard now one can copy as much content and Clipboard will make history of all of it and then you can copy from here and paster wherever you want.

Press WIndows + V to open the Clipboard and enable the History if you want this feature:-

Clipboard Latest October Update Windows

5. Addition if new Emoji:-

Windows has added 157 new emoji for accessing this you have to press Windows + .

and you can see the pp-up full of emoji as shown below:-

New Emoji In October Update 2018 Windows 10

More Features will be added soon in this post keep tuned....

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