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Different Types Of Uber Rides In India Explained

What are the different types of Uber rides in India 

Hello friends welcome again in the another post on Tech Rajput and in today's post you will get to know everything related to Uber rides and it's types with their minimum fare as well as base fare comparison:-

so without any further ado let's get started.

In below's demo I will be showing you the details of uber rides with taking an example from the Uber app itself and this demo is from Chandigarh on the date 20th Oct 2018 so it might vary if you are seeing this post in the future so just take it as reference.

1. Uber Moto:-

Its the cheapest and simplest ride for one person to travel in the city with the minimum price and in the below shown screen shot it is shown the capacity and fare charges for the same as well as the estimated time. The fare shown here is for the demo purpose as chosen distance by me.

Uber Moto fare explained
If you are more curious regarding the presented price you can click on the little info icon shown and  you will be shown the fare breakdown as shown below, one can note that the base fare for Uber Moto is 15 rs and Minimum fare is 20 rs this mean that you have to pay at least 20 rs irrespective of the distance you travel but obviously more if you travel more than 1 km in that case the price will be calculated with below shown parameter.

Uber Moto fare explained

2. Uber Pool:- 

It's price is slightly more than Uber Moto as it is car and with max of two people as shown below its capacity and fare. Good when there is no concern for time as it takes a lot of time to drop multiple person to their location so do not consider it while going to office or school and college.

Uber Pool Explained
below shown screen shot will let you know the fare breakdown for the Uber Pool:-

Uber Pool fare Explained

3. Uber Go:-

Now comes the most common and most affordable ride that is Uber Go in this type of Uber Ride you get compact hatchback cars and price is also affordable. but mind it if you are going to airport or a place where you need to travel with more luggage consider booking Uber X or Uber XL.

below shown is the Uber Go description

Uber Go Explained
fare breakdown for the Uber Go is shown below:-

Uber Go Fare Explained

4. UberX/ Premier:-

Now if you are  more concern regarding comfort as in UberX you get Sedan cars or you need to go to airport with baggage then consider this ride for the four people it is better than Uber Go however costlier than Uber Go.

Uber Premier explained
fare breakdown for the premier is shown below:-

Uber Premier Fare breakdown

5. Uber XL:-

Now comes the ride for the group of six people as no other rides covered above gives you ability to travel with six person but the Uber XL in which you get the SUV and have lot of space to give you proper space.

Uber XL Explained
Fare breakdown is shown below for Uber XL:-

Uber XL fare breakdown

6.Hire Go:-

Now comes the ride in which the cab is yours for the time you want you can let it wait for you as you shop, withdraw money from ATM or visit your friends as it counts the time and charges accordingly below shown is the description for it.

always check the price before booking it as these prices keep varies.

Hire Go Explained
below shown is the fare breakdown for the Hire Go:-

Hire Go Fare breakdown

7. Hire X:-

Again it is same as Hire Go but for the car types in this you gets sedan and better service as you pay more as shown below but the capacity remains same four people:-

Hire X explained
Below shown is the fare breakdown for the Hire X:-

Hire X Fare breakdown

8. Uber XL:-

Now you get the SUV for as much as time you want to travel on your move without any destination to book you can move as you say to drivers.

below shown is the capacity and fare:-

Hire XL Explained
Below shown is the fare breakdown for the prices:-

Hire XL Fare breakdown

Now one thing to not that in the Hire range of uber rides you have to pay in cash so be prepared with cash as you end your ride.

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